Computers are wonderful things, when they are working properly and when you know what you're doing - otherwise they can be very frustrating!

Things do go wrong sometimes, and there are also times when you're just not quite sure how to do something - or even get started - usually when you have something important to do or a deadline to meet.

If you live or are based in the Cambridgeshire area or within a reasonable travelling distance, we can help. Whether you are a small business or a home user, we can provide a range of computer related services to help you out.

Keep it Simple

You may be baffled by your computer, the current problem you've got or the particular job you need to do and you can't figure it out. Our aim is to make things simple for you - to sort things out for you quickly and to explain things in straightforward, plain English.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the computing industry, you can be assured with our friendly and competent service.

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