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Touch Sensitive Iambic Morse Keyer

After passing the three tiers of exams during the lockdown in 2020, I felt that I needed a new challenge. After all, that's what the hobby of Amateur Radio is all about, it's a technical hobby of self learning and experimentation.

Back in the 80's when my dad gained his class A license, Morse code was a requirement in the exam and a speed of 12wpm (words per minute) or greater was required to get access to the lower HF bands. Spending time with him back then and testing his morse skills was really enjoyable, so I thought to myself "I should learn Morse!"

For what is basically just a switch contact, the prices of keys I found were extortionate. I liked the idea of a paddle or paddles, rather than a straight key as some of the work in terms of timing is done by the radio. So with prices being crazily high for a lot of these devices, I set out to design my own.

I decided upon an electronic touch sensitive key, rather than a mechanical design, just for something different!


Morse Key