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Options and Payment

In the first instance, please make contact with me at morse@timothyduke.com so that I can advise if I have stock.  Payment can then be made via PayPal to an address that I will supply to you.  Please let ne know if you'd like to use other means to pay.

Payment is in GBP and has postage and packaging included, so what you see is what you pay.  For your added piece of mind, Paypal payments should not be made using the Friends and Family option.

Option 1  -  Basic

This option includes everything to make and use the base key.  All surface mount components have been soldered onto the PCB's for you.  You will need to solder the two vertical touch contact PCB's to the main PCB and also solder the switch, battery holder and connector.  A 1m cable and 2xAA batteries are also supplied! (Does not include mounting hardware or metal base).

Price - £26.00 Posted

Option 2  -  Basic Built

As per option 1, but everything will be soldered for you. (Does not include mounting hardware or metal base).

Price - £34.00 Posted

Option 3  -  Basic with Base

As per option 1, but also includes mounting hardware, rubber feet and heavy duty alluminium base that is drilled and tapped ready.  The base will be lightly sanded to take off any metal burrs on the edges, but finishing will be left to you.

Price - £44.00 Posted

Option 4  -  Built with Base

A complete ready to run morse key, built to a high standard and mounted on the metal base.  The metal base will have a limited amount of finishing done to it.  An extra set of rubber feet will be supplied, just in case you wish to refine the finish.

Price - £54.00 Posted


A cover/case has been designed for the morse key.  A friend of mine is printing a selection of various colours and once these are available will be listed here.
If you wish to print your own case, a link to the .STL file can be found under the 'Build' section of this website.

Price - £8.00 when ordered with a kit above, else add £3 for P&P